The Drum Beats of War

This beat of the war drum, is sounding A LOT,
like the lies, war mongering, and scare tactics
used to invade and attack – the nation of Iraq.

Let us all remember,
and go back to the times when “C.F.R. crony”
was feeding us LIE after LIE
about why we should attack Iraq
– due to “so called” weapons of mass destruction.

After The United States bombed Iraq,
and removed Saddam Hussein from power
The United States has never found
any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Have they??

Nor has any proof ever been concluded
– that they EVER had any.

The war on Iraq was based on SHEER LIES.
And it is a known fact
– that Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11/01 either.

Let us also remember
that Colin Powell is a member
of .

Why does this matter??

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, & John McCain
are <> Council on Foreign Relations members,
along with Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush
and many of the criminal war mongers
in Washington D.C.’s present day,
and past Administrations.

and I forgot to mention
is a Corporate C.F.R. member as well.

What you are witnessing here folks – with Syria,
is a <>,
being advanced in the Middle East,
as well as within “our own” Country as well
~ by C.F.R. affiliated cronies.

And when watching this video,
Also remember that
is a C.F.R. member too.

These bastards,
have sold their souls to the Devil,
by selling out their “so called” faith in G-d,
as well as selling out
the Sovereignty of the United States
for monetary gain, collusion, and cronyism.

Many of them should be arrested for TREASON
– by the Military of The United States
which have sworn an oath
– to PROTECT – “The Constitution of the United States”,
and, have sworn to protect, and defend,
the “Sovereignty of The United States” as well.

The Egyptian Military saw their Country
heading down a road to destruction,
and acted upon it – in behalf of their Country,
and in behalf of the people of Egypt.

Are we to believe,
that our American Military, and Personnel,
do not see OUR America
heading down a path of destruction as well??

And if you are
a Military orientated person reading this,
or, are a State Representative, or Congressman,
how does your conscious sit within you
KNOWING that this Country is on a destructive path??

What does your Country, your conscious,
and founding forefathers –> DEMAND OF YOU!!??

Can you look yourself in the mirror,
and say that you BUY INTO this Tyranny???

We ask this of you??

The tyrannical Barack Obama,
has explained to the Country, and to the world,
that any attack on Syria
– would be <>.


It is already a KNOWN FACT,
that after this threat of American Force,
the regime of Bashar Assad
has already relocated his aircraft,
military equipment,
even office furniture, and documents
– to a safe location.

So, we ask this again of you?

What would be the “strategic targets” here
– in this “so called” strike on Syria?

What is to be gained??

Is it worth,
a VERY REAL possibility
of a retaliatory strike on Israel
by Syria and Iran,
as a result of a LIMITED American strike,
which will not result in <>
positive results whatsoever??

Does President Barack Obama
if Israel is attacked??

We ask this – as a very serious question.
Being that his Presidential campaign
was backed by contributions from Saudi Arabia??

Do we know that even Barack Obama’s brother

has been linked to terrorist organizations
in Kenya and Sudan?

Do we know that his brothers organization
was granted tax exempt status illegally??
When Barack Obama and his I.R.S. appointees
were illegally targeting Tea Party and Religious groups?

these are the facts.

So therefore,
we really do need to ask ourselves,
what are the TRUE, “underlying motivations here”
for this impending attack on Syria?

The R.U.A. Militia
was against the illegal war in Iraq.
Which has still to this day,
created no positive results for Iraq.

As the country is yet STILL in turmoil,
with daily bombings and death there – every single day.

In addition,
there is now a power vacuum in Iraq,
that will be filled by Islamic extremism, and death.

There is now, no country bordering Iran
to keep them in check,
like was done by Saddam Hussein.

and its toiling in the affairs of Sovereign nations,
resulted in NOTHING positive for America.

And the only result
after the war in Iraq for America,
was a debt – of over a TRILLION dollars!!

And for what gain we ask???

Except for the deaths of over ¼ Million people!
Americans and Iraqi’s alike!

We here in The R.U.A. Militia
are not saying that we are on the side of Saddam,
or, are on the side of fanatical Islamists in Iran here.

What we ARE saying is,..
what IS the LONG TERM
strategic gain – for the United Sates re: Syria?

What will be the “AFTERMATH”!?
What critical and “DECISIVE” targets will be hit?
How will this hurt Bashar Assad?

Do we have answers to ANY of these questions?

Or, is this another “self absorbed act”
by an out of control / Tyrannical President?

A military attack, that Barack Obama
is trying to sell to The American Public.
An act of aggression,
that will only EMPOWER the regime of Bashar Assad.

And we are <>,
before an American attack – has even been launched!

Our Country is already in debt – TRILLIONS of dollars.
6 TRILLION in debt more – since the Obama Administration.

Also in debt
– to a Communist Country like China.
Over the war in Iraq.

And what has the United States gained from that war?
Besides over 4,500 deaths of our Military personnel,
and the deaths of 120,000 Iraqi citizens.

For not even ONE barrel of oil.

Not to mention wear and tear on our aircraft,
and a depletion of our military arsenal.

For what gain to America we ask?

And Iraq is still in turmoil – to this very day.
Ever worse, than even when Saddam Hussein was in power.

The United States
killed 120,000 Iraqi citizens,
to < supposedly <> from Saddam >.

Does this fly in the face of your consciousness??

And we also ask,
what gain did the United States gain
out of backing the removal of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt??

In support of The Muslim Brotherhood,
which has been found to be behind the attack in Benghazi Libya??

A Muslim Brotherhood, headed by Mohammed Morsi,
that had to be physically removed by the Military of Egypt,
due his treading on the Egyptian Constitution,
and many other Egyptian laws.

<<> than what President Barack Obama
has been doing here in The United States – might I add.

And now we see Egypt in UTTER turmoil now!

So we ask you,…. ??
What has the United States gained
from backing the removal of Hosni Mubarak?

The answer is <> !!

Except turmoil,
in a region already stained by the drumbeats of war
– aimed at Israel and The United States.

Now, further fueled
– by the mistakes of The Obama Administration.

were they really mistakes – after all??

Is your conscious starting to bother you yet???

Obama has not made the world a more safe place
– after his toiling, and faulty actions.

Obama has made the world
a <> dangerous place!

And those are simply !

A man that was awarded the Nobel Peace Price.
And we ask of you?

For creating instability around the entire globe?

As well as create instability
between The United States and Russia as well?

All for the sake of backing “Syrian rebels”
that are known tied to Al Qaeda?

Not to mention
the Russian warships that are in the region now.
And are not just there – to look pretty.

The United States,
if we want to pursue Syria over this act,
We need to FIRST <> to the world.
And that has not been done yet.

We need to also – PROVE our Credibility FIRST.

Which we have NOT gained back yet,
after the past 3 faulty Administrations,
which in our opinion <>
to American credibility throughout the world!

And the corrupt,
Tyrannical Administration of Barack Obama,
will not gain back American credibility WHATSOEVER!

And we don’t mean
prove credibility to the world
just because a like John Kerry
stands behind a podium,
and feeds us the same types of lies
that were fed to us before the war against Iraq.

The United States needs to gain a coalition of nations <>!!!!
The United States needs to make their case <>!!!
The United States needs to OBEY the rule of law <> !!!
Barack Obama needs to have CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL <>!!

And we also need to convince the world
of why an attack on a Sovereign nation is necessary.

Convince the world of why we need to intervene
in the civil war — of a “sovereign nation”.

And, once we reach that point,
which we haven’t yet…


Because many Americans citizens, and Soldiers alike,
have not voted for The United States
to be a “global police force”.

And after the lies we have heard
time and time again in the past
over Iraq…..

And in “present days” ..
— over Benghazi, N.S.A. spying, I.R.S. scandals,…

We do not necessarily take what they say
as the absolute TRUTH
simply because they say that it is.

This is why we can’t even get Britain to join us
– in this so called “necessary” attack on Syria.

The English people have voted,
to withhold their Military
from being part of an attack on Syria.

An educated decision,
resulting from the past results
of American war mongering.

It is also a matter – of LACK OF CREDIBILITY
within The United States Government.

And the phrase “LACK OF CREDIBILITY”
does not sit well –
for the base, and building of a coalition!!

America – is like <>!!

Even if we are right,
we will be perceived as being -> WRONG!

And we in The R.U.A. Militia
BLAME the past 3 Presidents for this.

And we also Blame – a Tyrannical President
like Barack Obama for this as well.


The Obama Administration have all proven themselves
to be pathological liars time and time again.
And we will not buy into starting another Middle Eastern war
– simply because THEY say that we have to.

The bullsh*t is getting VERY DEEP.

It is simply <<>> worth attacking Syria,
because there is <> strategically

Not to mention,
that The United States – will be going it alone,
—- and that is SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE!!

We do not consider the backing of France,
as a “COALITION” against Syria.

Yes, we would have to agree
that The Arab League has CONDEMNED the regime in Syria.

But we also have to state,
that has YET been made
by The U.N. Inspectors.

There is NOT – as of yet, significant proof
that it was Bashar Assad that ordered the Chemical attack.

And if there was SO MUCH evidence,
and if there was SO MUCH global OUTCRY over this,
The United States
would have “many more” nations
on an attack on Syria ~ .

And we simply don’t.

The Obama Administration
has only <<>> ally in an attack on Syria!!

Therefore – with the exception of France,
an attack on Syria is driven SOLEY by The United States.
This after the British Parliament ruled <>
to commit British forces in the attack on Syria.

And even if Britain did vote
on joining with America on an attack on Syria.
We still do not consider that .

So again – we will say,

And we will also state – yet again,
that The United States
has LOST OUR in the world.

That we can’t even get Great Britain behind us,
we have simply “one word” to describe that.

– And that word is -> PATHETIC.

This is a topic
that the R.U.A. Militia
has been raising since the CLINTON Administration!!!

The destruction of “CREDIBILITY”
of the Oval Office,
and within the channels of American Government.

America looks weak, is weak, and is supported by no-one.
And we do not like it – ONE SINGLE BIT!!

Our government has been “off the rails”
for quite some time now.

Administration after Administration,
crossing and violating the American Constitution,
Bill of Rights, International Law, etc….
And it has ALL caught up to us.

by a Controlled, and Manipulated
Socialist Media Complex.

A news media,
that is controlled by cronyism, and Corporate interests,
which have nothing whatsoever to do with Justice,
<> and the Sovereignty of The United States.

A news media that stands behind Tyrannical Politicians,
and a Tyrannical President,
driven by monetary, and corporate interests.

As well as being driven by interests
that are NOT based on any type of Morality whatsoever.

So The R.U.A. Militia
blames “corporate media” as well
for allowing our Country to sink into a demise
by not properly reporting –> the FACTS!

Let us remember,
that “Media Control” by “Corporate Government”
is a characteristic of <>!!

we ask of YOU….
What are <<>> GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??

If you truly care for your Nation.

Because there is NOTHING more powerful than THE TRUTH!!

And there is NOTHING MORE POWERFUL than the American People

Do you want <>
to once again
be the GREAT NATION that we once were?

Then listen to the following words.

If you are a news reporter,
then REPORT the news, as TRUTH.
Instead of reporting the news,
based on a cronyism / corporate agenda.
No matter how unpopular it may seem to be.
Your RESONSIBILITY as a NEWS Journalist,
is the report –> the FACTS!

If you are a Senator.
Then VOTE on bills according to your American heritage.
Not vote along party lines,
because that is what THE SYSTEM TELLS YOU TO DO.
Vote with your conscious.
Not your Party affiliation.
And not due to Political Cronyism, or monetary gain.

If you are a State Representative.
Then VOTE on bills according to your American heritage.
Not vote along party lines,
because that is what THE SYSTEM TELLS YOU TO DO.
Vote with your conscious.
Not your Party affiliation.
And not due to Political Cronyism, or monetary gain.

If you are a Military person.
Then step up to the plate.
And do not just simply follow a Tyrannical President,
into war after war,
because that is what he demands of you.
The Nazis did the same thing!
And look what it got them.
Look what it got for their Country!

As our dictatorial President
is under the influence that “The American Military”
is in his own words –> “HIS MILITARY”

You are not.
You are Soldiers that swore an oath
to PROTECT the Constitution of The united States.
To protect the Sovereignty of our Nation.
To protect the citizens of The United States.
And to fight an enemy – BOTH – <>

Adolf Hitler referred to the German Soldiers as <>.
Another “National Socialist”, that drove the world into a World War.

Just as Barack Obama is doing.

If you are an American citizen.
Let your conscious guide you through morality, and knowledge.
Let your Patriotism guide your decisions.

Do not allow yourself to be divided, over prejudicial lines
over the manipulation of the race baiters.

Do not allow your mind, to be corrupted,
by the “poisonous lies” fed to us by our crooked Politicians,
that are driven by greed, cronyism, and corruption.

Become an activist – for the love of your country.

Become a powerful voice
through education, and knowledge of the FACTS!

Do not allow yourself to be driven by one side or the other.
Let your conscious guide you – through the darkness.

Stop hating
– because crooked Political manipulators
tell you WHO to hate.

Do not allow them
for the sake of “So Called” National Security
to JUSTIFY the removal of <>.


Begin acting righteously, and morally.
Despite what “media propaganda” tells you is OK to act out.

Only when we walk in “righteous footsteps”,
will America regain its respect throughout the world!

And we will recognize our Country once again.

Instead of living in an America that is alien to us all.
An America that has become something that we ALL do not want.

An America, that has become a hotbed of Political Tyrants,
and cronies of an evil agenda.

And lastly,
And this goes out to the tyrant – President Barack Obama.

The next time you have 15,000 Russian troops
on our American soil “in VIOLATION of American law”,
You will have more problems from us
– than you will know how to deal with.

Every member of the R.U.A. Militia WILL NOT REST
– until you have legally been dealt with!
And “utterly destroyed” both morally, and politically.

That goes for all of your C.F.R. CRONY friends as well.

Because you have shown ALL Americans
that you are nothing more than a <>.

Topped off – by an crooked head
full of lies, deceit, collusion, and cronyism.

And continuing with the topic of Russia.
Russia has shown us where they stand
– when it comes to relations with The United States.

So keep them Russian bastards out of this County
— <>!

within the SOVEREIGN BORDERS of The United States!

And they ARE NOT
our “so called” PARTNERS in global matters,
with their backstabbing acts against the United States!
Colluding with enemy countries like Iran, and China.

So Mr. Obama,…

Think you are nothing more
than a G-dless, Anti-American Tyrant
that needs to be CAGED.

A them giving you the Nobel peace prize, in our opinion
was nothing more – than a fu*kin JOKE!!!